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One way special for Cairns to Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne (APO)..  read more
Book before 16 March for travel commenced in March (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns)
Book before 16 March for travel commenced in March (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns)..  read more
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Think Beyond just a normal vacation - Go Adventures!

Australia Campervan is one of the best companies which provide Campervans for Hire and Campervan for Rent in Australia.

A beautiful room, an extended itinerary, great food, visit to historical places and many more such trivial things pull us into a trap – a trap of not allowing us to have the best of our holidays, a trap that doesn’t let you think beyond.

Australia Campervan, with its unique offerings and widest range of Campervan, stands tall for the “go-adventures” kinds.  Australia Campervan has left no stone unturned to ensure that its range of campervan receives a favourable response from the consumers. Cutting edge Campervans at the best negotiated rates along with suave 24X7 back hand customer support system have been employed to make Australia Campervan a brand that is desired as well as appreciated throughout Australia.

Campervan Holiday in Australia is the best way to unleash. Embrace some of the major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Darwin, Byron Bay, Broome, Airlie Beach, Alice Springs, Hervey Bay and Exmouth. There is lot more waiting for you at Australia. Hire a campervan and keep travelling through the perfect blend of green and serene spaces in Australia, splendid spaces adorned with nature’s amazing beauty. Retreat away into the greens.

Australia Campervan has been built around the promise of “Think Beyond”, there is ample of emphasis given to the development of new product offerings. While the existing range wows people across the country with its host of never-before range, type and customized campervans, an extensive research is been carried out on further campervan innovations and cheap campervan hiring strategies. Highly appealing support systems and price negotiations with various motor home suppliers are carried out with same level of professionalism and enthusiasm. Experts at Australia Campervan are constantly experimenting with the range and price of the campervan to create a product that will delight people in completely new ways. A generous amount of capital and intellect has been invested to create a facility that is at par with the finest in hire a campervan in Australia.

To hire a campervan in Australia, simply roll-up to “Find Campervans” section on the top left –hand- side corner. After filling in the required details and preferences, click the search button. The list of campervans according to your preferences will be listed. At Australia Campervan we offer a whole range of Cheap Rental Campervan, like 2 and 6 Berth Motorhome (Maui), 2berth Campervan Premium (Kea), and a special group motorhome holiday range with 4, 5 & 6 berth. With Australia Campervan you’ll get three different campervan range Deluxe, Premium and Budget to suit your need beyond expectations!

For assistance, please Chat with us or Contact Us  - or read our Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Nos
Toll Free : 1-800-668-153 (AU only)
0800-112-828 (NZ only)
International Call: +61 2 8011 4997
Campervan Info
3/4Berth Voyager Campervan (4BBXSBritz) Automatic
3/4Berth Voyager Campervan (4BBXSBritz) Automatic
Wow! This campervan is great if you have four people travelling, but d
3/4Berth Voyager Campervan (4BBXSBritz) Automatic
6berth Frontier Campervan (6BBBritz) Automatic
6berth Frontier Campervan (6BBBritz) Automatic
Get ready for the ultimate adventure holiday. The Britz Frontier has b
6berth Frontier Campervan (6BBBritz) Automatic
2 Berth Tourer S/T (CHP)
2 Berth Tourer S/T (CHP)
This campervan for 2 is ideal for touring. It is fully self-contained
2 Berth Tourer S/T (CHP)